Commercial Banking

At Premiumonlinefund, we are committed to providing traditional relationship banking. Together with our knowledge, credentials and expertise we provide a comprehensive portfolio of commercial banking services.

Our commercial customers include a wide cross-section of businesses and organisations, across a broad range of sectors. From online and telephone banking to more complex financial packages, we have a range of products and services that could help you effectively manage your long-term commercial banking needs through all stages of the business life cycle along with the day-to-day activity.

As a commercial banking customer you can expect:

  • direct access to a dedicated Relationship Manager
  • a personal, locally-based and responsive service
  • a flexible and proactive attitude, with fast decision-making
  • we will get to know the business and work with you to help achieve your business goals
  • a dedicated Relationship Account Support Team available to provide telephone-based support for your more straightforward, day-to-day banking needs.
Why not find out what relationship banking can do for your business?


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