Personal Credit Card

The NatFund Bank VISA Gold Credit Card is our flagship credit card that offers you up to 55 days of interest free purchases. It is the perfect companion, providing you access to secure funds as well as an excellent selection of travel, shopping, dining and lifestyle opportunities. It is accepted over the following channels (ATM, POS, and WEB) and at over 900,000 ATMs & 20 million locations worldwide.

What does it offer

  • Gives you access to a revolving line of credit to pay for goods and services.
  • Accessible via ATM, POS and web.
  • Allows you get cash whenever you need it at ATMs worldwide
  • Up to 55 days of interest free purchases.
  • Denominated in local currency and linked to a local account for repayment.
  • Chip and PIN enabled for optimal security
  • Online protection for your web transactions with Verified by Visa┬«
  • 3 year card validity
  • Free medical and legal referral during international travels

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